About Us

For us, seeing was believing.   Since that first look into the eyes of a four-legged friend, we knew without a doubt: all creatures have a soul. With unique personalities, sharp intelligence, and a boundless capacity to love, pets provide a distinct and dedicated brand of companionship.  Inspired by this knowledge, we embarked on a journey exclusively dedicated to providing prized pets with a delightful array of products and services.

To that end, we launched in 2010 as an online store, stocking a wide selection of foods, toys and treats for cats, dogs and beyond. The response was overwhelming and led to our first expansion in 2012 – from online store to a retail store in the heart of Brooklyn. It wasn’t long before we realized our clients needed more. So in 2013 we launched our second and most recent expansion: from a retail store to a full service pet care company. Today, we are  proud to offer your pet a full range of services in our relaxed, nurturing environment. It’s our best expansion yet. One for which we have our wonderful clients – and the owners who love them – to thank.

The Pooch Purrfect Team