A meal. A walk. Some TLC! Our clients don’t ask for much, which is why we never take them for granted. Instead we indulge their every whim with a series of carefully considered and crafted services. Grooming services are provided by our expert groomer who takes time and care in the washing and trimming of your pet. Walks are conducted by our warm, and friendly pet loving staff who apply their knowledge of the neighborhood by planning fun and exciting routes.  Stays are supervised by an experienced team who keep close watch as your pet pals relax, recharge and roam free.

The result? A distinctive spa with a focus on ensuring your pet – and you – leave our space feeling comfortable, happy and positively ‘Purrfect.’

Doggy Daycare

Bright lights and ample space encourage your pet to eat, play and love while you are away. We round out the fun with regular neighborhood walks and fun activities. By the time you return, your pet may be happy to see you – but just as sad to walk away. Half day rates from  $16 […]

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Cat Sitting

Have the best of both worlds. Stay late at the office to complete busy projects or arrive early for a relaxing brunch. Either way, your furry friends get the human care and attention they deserve. With this custom service we come directly to your home to walk and play with your cat. Rates from  $15 […]

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Care advice

Eat. Play. Love…and sleep is all they do!  We want to make sure your pet is as healthy as can be! We have a variety of foods and treats that we can advise you on that would match your pet’s energy level or preference. Our friendly groomers can give you grooming tips on what products […]

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Dog Walking

Fresh air, a change of scenery and plenty of exercise. These three can sooth the soul – or a cranky mood – of your pet pals. We amp up the fun with carefully selected walking routes featuring lots of scenic stops! Rates from $15 (per half hour)

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Indulge your pet in a cleansing wash, a moisturizing deep conditioning, and a feather light blow dry. These are the pillars of our popular grooming session provided by our experienced groomers. The result? A vibrant, clean and healthy coat that simply begs for petting. Our Grooming Services are the ultimate indulgence for your pet. A […]

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Overnight Retreat

For a short weekend or a few weeks, we are happy to host your pet. Surrounded by 24 hour care from a loving staff in a family atmosphere, your pet will feel at home away from home. General Stay: Your pet is housed – family style – with other furry friends. $40 (per night)

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